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The theme of this zine is a cookbook inspired by the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game! We hope this zine will include real-life recipe translations for the cooking recipes in the game, as well as other items, like drinks inspired by Brewster! We hope for this zine to be physical and wiro bound.Nook Cookbook’s mission is to create an accessible cookbook for people all over the world by including both imperial and metric measurements, clear notations of allergies and dietary restrictions, and a variety of recipes for beginners to advanced cooks! We plan to donate all profits to a charity, which is to be decided by contributors.

Preorders open on JULY 1
All bundles go on sale starting on July 1st!

Nook Cookbook: Meet the Mods!

Organization, Finances, and Shipping Mod:
Hi! I’m Lee (@treefroglee)! I’ve managed organization for successful zines such as Match Point! (Haikyuu) and The Witcher Zine (The Witcher), and I’ve shipped zines such as Garreg Mach Records (Fire Emblem) and King & Aegis (Fire Emblem). Overall, I’ve worked on over a dozen zines! I’m excited about this cookbook idea, as I LOVE cookbooks and Animal Crossing, and can’t wait to make some yummy food with you all!
Chef Mod:
Hey friendos, it's Casper (she/her, they/them okay if unsure), the friendliest ghost you'll ever know! My favorite game ever is Luigi's Mansion, but ACNH is my current favorite♡ My island fruit is pear and my favorite villager is Fauna.
Chef Mod:
Howdy! I'm Nyx (they/he), a marine biology student, and if you let me I will absolutely write you another essay on obscure video game lore. So excited to see what amazing contributions come from this zine!
Graphics Mod:
Hi! I’m Chloe (she/her), and I’ll be one of the graphics mod for this zine! I’ve been doing zines for over three years and I’m very excited to be working on this one! When not messing with Adobe creative cloud, I’m usually playing ACNH or Genshin Impact. Looking forward to working with everyone!
Formatting Mod:
Hi! I'm Natalie (she/her), one of the graphic mods for this zine. I'm currently studying art and English at college. When I'm not studying I like to draw, ice skate, or play games - including AC, of course :) Animal Crossing has been a fixture of my life since New Leaf and I'm so excited to help bring this project to life!
Social Media Mod:
Hi!! I’m Hanna (she/her) and I’m excited to be the social media mod for this cookbook! When I’m not playing Animal Crossing, I’m studying computer science at college, or playing Genshin Impact
Intern Mod:
Hello! I'm Princeliest (they/them), a 2nd year medical student who spends my free time de-stressing by writing and playing games like ACNH. Thank you for having me!
Intern Mod:
Hi! I'm tova (she/her), one of the intern mods. I love Animal Crossing, cookbooks, and zines so I'm super excited about this project.

Nook Cookbook: Tentative Schedule

Please note that this schedule is subject to change.

Nov 7 - 30Interest Check
Nov 13 - 30Mod Applications
Dec 20 - Jan 16Chef Applications Open
Jan 20Chef Applications Results Sent
Dec 20 - Feb 3Artist and Writer Applications Open
Feb 10Artist and writer applications results sent, and chefs should have a prototype for one recipe.
Feb 17Artist and Writer Concepts Check
Mar 11Check-in #1
Apr 8Check-in #2
May 13Check-in #3
May 20Finals Due
July 1 - 31Preorders
Aug - JanOrdering and Fulfillment
Early 2023Shipping

Nook Cookbook: Frequently Asked Questions

As determined by the interest check, the Nook Cookbook will be for charity. We will allow contributors to decide on a charity through a vote. Since this is a charity fundraiser, there is no guaranteed compensation for contributors. If funds allow, they will receive a complementary partial or full bundle. At minimum, contributors will have access to all digital materials and other physical products at production price.How will you handle international shipping? Will contributors or purchasers have to pay extra taxes or is there a way around that?
We’re unable to circumvent the laws surrounding imports in your country! However, we will offer a storefront through Etsy for folks in the EU and UK so they can pay VAT upon purchase rather than upon import. Contributors will be reimbursed for any taxes upon arrival if we are able to afford physical bundles.
Is this going to be a hard back, or soft back?
Unsure as of now! We would like the cookbook to be wiro bound/spiral bound, but we’ll know more about the cover closer to preorders.
Regarding the art, do you want only chibi style like the game or also other styles for this project?
We’ll be looking for artists to do full-page illustrations and for artists to do spot illustrations of the food! We have no particular preference for style, but it would be helpful to have an Animal Crossing piece in your portfolio for applications if you would like to do a full-page illustration or merch.
What kinds of recipes will be featured in the zine? Will this zine include the in-game recipes that were released in the newest update? or will it include original recipes too?
We hope to adapt the cooking recipes from New Horizons, as well as have a few original coffee drinks inspired by Brewster! We are also open to having original recipes, but the focus will be on the in-game recipes.
Will there potentially be stretch goals? Other than that, this seems like an amazing idea. Thanks for putting it forward, can't wait to see how it turns out!
Yes, there will be stretch goals!
Suggestion responses:Dietary Restrictions
Many of the recipes in the game include fish; however we want our cookbook to be accessible to all and will make these dietary restrictions a priority! We plan to look for a chef mod(s) and chefs who are familiar with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free substitutions! We are also looking for folks who are familiar with kosher and halal restrictions. We’ll make sure to make these, and any allergy warnings, clear on the recipes.
We plan to have chefs test their recipes and the recipes of others! We also plan to ask our chefs mod to test recipes and provide feedback as well.
We are aiming for spiral binding!
We plan to have some writers to contribute flavor text! We also plan to have our chef mods help out with conversions so our recipes are accessible to all, as well as have a variety of recipes.